Imagine, Iterate, Inspire

Learning Reimagined



With 14 + years in the education industry and a passion for technology, I have collaboratively supported K-12 and Higher Ed practitioners through the instructional design process with an emphasis on empowering learners, infusing technology, and reimagining learning in a modern world to ensure equitable experiences for all. 

It is the pursuit of equitable experiences for all that has driven me to grow my craft as an instructional designer so that I have the right combination of skills to meet the growing challenges and needs in the training & teaching worlds. 

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Instructional Design

K-12  Ed-tech, blended learning, gamification, multimodal, interactive, differentiated.

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Professional Development

Tech enhanced pedagogy & Andragogy, Dynamic Presentations, Tutorial Videos, Student Resources.

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Instructional Coaching

K-12 cognitive coaching, student-focused, innovative, data informed.

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Social Media Management

Creative, analytic, strategic, user-centric, dynamic. 

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Andrew is a positive and deep fountain of information and ideas! He reminds me, respectfully and knowledgeably to move forward, try new ideas, and seek help. I’m different working with Andrew because I’m open to new approaches to EVERYTHING!


Andrew HEARS me, and truly respects “ where I am at” in my teaching. He accepts my ideas and celebrates my successes openly, calmly, and respectfully.


Andrew comes to a meeting prepared with great options for me to utilize with my class. He also is aware that adding technology can be helpful and also more of a burden to a teacher. He wants to provide students with appropriate opportunities that are beneficial to the learning and not just filler activities.